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Your Elopement at Sunset Cliffs, Ladera St

Sunset Cliffs, perched along the rugged coastline of San Diego, offers breathtaking sunsets and panoramic ocean views, making it the perfect elopement destination.

Where To Meet:

This address will lead you directly to Osprey Point. Plan ahead for traffic getting down there, we recommend planning your drive with Waze!

705 Cornish Dr Parking, San Diego, CA 92107

Where To Park:

Free parking is available in the dirt parking lot and on the street. Make sure to arrive a bit early to find a close enough spot!


Your Ceremony Site:

Your ceremony site will be adjacent to the parking lot in the open area of cliff. 

ceremony location.jpg


  • Allow for extra travel time. Traffic and unforeseen delays can happen, so it's wise to leave at least 15 minutes earlier than what GPS suggests. Planning ahead is key!

  • Don't forget your marriage license! Your officiant and witness will need to sign it to make your ceremony legal!

  • Travel light for the ceremony. Avoid carrying too many bags or items that might clutter your photos. If you need extra things, leave them in your car or hotel room during the ceremony.

  • In case of rain, find shelter under your car or plan an alternative day. Keep in touch with us for any necessary adjustments due to the weather.

  • If you're planning to wear high heels during the ceremony, don't forget to bring comfortable walking shoes. You'll appreciate having them, especially if you have to navigate uneven terrain.

  • Speaking of tips, we highly recommend them for your team! It truly means a lot for the work they put in!

  • Most importantly, remember to have fun! Your wedding day is a special moment you'll cherish forever. Take a deep breath, relax, and savor every moment. You've got this, and it's a day to enjoy to the fullest! 😉 | (760) 994-8445

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