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bride wearing til death leather jacket and groom walking into the sunset holding hands with hills in the background.

Affordable Full Service Destination Elopement Planning


Bride leading groom walking down sunset cliffs with the pacific ocean and pier in the background.



Your journey to forever begins here.

Groom drinking champagne out of the bottle while holding his bride, backlit by the orange sunset and ocean at sunset cliffs, san diego.


Choose your dream location, preferred date and elopement package


Choose your add ons and finalize your booking with us


Share your vision and preferences. 

We handle the rest!


Introduction to vendors & receive personalized itinerary


Say "I Do"

Celebrate your marriage!

bride and groom touching heads wedding graphic
groom leaning bride back, backlit by the warm sunset next to the ocean at sunset cliffs, san diego


you dream of

bride and groom holding hands looking off into the distance with the ocean in the background at sunset cliffs san diego

Sunset Cliffs


Enjoy the gorgeous panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and the sounds of waves crashing for your intimate ceremony. If you're feeling adventurous enough, hike down to the beach and dip your toes in the water!

groom carrying bride smiling while walking down aisle at balboa park san diego.

Balboa Park


Explore this iconic architectural gem that has so much to offer! From its majestic Spanish Colonial Revival buildings to its meticulously manicured gardens, Balboa Park invites you to discover a world of beauty, culture, and history at every turn.

groom dips bride backwards on la jolla cliff next to the ocean with purple flowers in the back.

La Jolla


Imagine the stunning cliffs, beautiful coves, and golden beaches creating a magical backdrop for your intimate ceremony. The sound of crashing waves and the vibrant marine life make it a coastal paradise where your special day will be etched in your hearts forever.

if you're a numbers person

A little more about what we plan for


Personalize your ceremony with your trusted, experienced officiant.


Capture your moments forever with stunning, magazine quality photography.


Choose your bouquet style and we will deliver it along with an optional boutonniere.


Turn your elopement adventure into a movie trailer with our videography packages.

...and more add ons available!

You may be wondering..

sunset over the ocean at sunset cliffs, san diego california.

How do we choose the perfect elopement location?

Oh, choosing the perfect elopement location is all about finding that magical spot that speaks to your hearts! Think about places that have special meaning to both of you or ones that make your souls light up with joy. Whether it's a serene beach, a breathtaking park, or a dreamy destination, trust your instincts and let your love guide you to the perfect spot for your intimate celebration.

What is an elopement anyway?

Well, an elopement these days isn't just about running away and getting hitched in secret (although that's totally cool too!). It's all about crafting an intimate, personalized ceremony that focuses on your love story. Picture a heartfelt moment shared between just the two of you or with a few loved ones, surrounded by the beauty of nature or in a place that holds a special significance. It's your chance to create a wedding experience that truly reflects who you are as a couple.

Couple kissing inside car at night, just married.
Brides hand showing wedding ring while holding her flower bouquet.

What are the legal requirements for getting married when eloping?

Ah, the legal stuff! It varies a bit depending on where you're planning to say "I do." Generally, you'll need to get a marriage license from the local government office in the jurisdiction where you're getting married. They might ask for some identification, proof of age, and sometimes even a waiting period or other requirements. Don't worry though, a quick chat with us will help you navigate through the specific legal requirements like a breeze.

How do I obtain a marriage license and file it with the state?

To get that all-important marriage license, you'll usually need to make a trip to the county clerk's office or a similar government office. It's where the magic happens! You and your partner will need to bring along some documents like identification, proof of age, and any other papers they may ask for (like divorce decrees or death certificates, if relevant). Once you have your shiny new license, one of our awesome officiants will sign to make it official following your ceremony. They'll handle the paperwork, filing the signed license with the state, and making your marriage legal. Easy peasy!

Elopement couple kissing and toasting to celebrate their marriage at marian bear memorial park san diego.
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