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Courthouse Wedding Packages: A Fun & Easy Way To Get Married

We know how much goes into planning a big wedding. The exhaustion, frustration, and feeling of being overwhelmed takes the magic out of your wedding day. We're here to tell you there are other options! Choosing a small courthouse wedding ceremony is one of the most popular alternatives.

San Diego & Orange County courthouses have made getting married fun and easy. The only decisions you need to make is picking which courthouse you like best and what package of ours suits your needs. 

Just because you’re having a courthouse wedding, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on all the good stuff like having a photographer, bouquet or some professional H&M!


A simple, stress-free courthouse wedding experience starting at $800


Get married on your terms.

What couples are saying

bride and groom at a bar

Emma & Michael

"We couldn't have asked for a more perfect elopement experience. From the moment we contacted them they were attentive, understanding, and went above and beyond to bring our vision to life. Reverend Brian officiated our ceremony with such warmth and sincerity, making it truly personal and heartfelt."

bride and groom with their eyes closed leaning into each other

Sophia & Daniel

"We cannot recommend Eloped in SoCal enough! From the beginning, they made us feel like family, taking care of every detail for our elopement day and taking care of all the small details. It was way easier than we expected!"

groom kissing brides cheek under veil

Olivia & Ruben

"This team was such a pleasure to work with - their attention to detail and genuine care for our day was evident from the start. Our photographer captured every  moment so beautifully. We are blown away by the photos and can't wait to have them framed in our home!"

Step 1: Choose Your Package

Step 3: Select Your Date

What add-ons are you interested in?

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